Xylitol candy is perhaps one of the best kept secrets for healthy sweet choices! Xylitol is a 100% natural, completely safe, great tasting sugar substitute - with no after-taste, Xylitol is found in nature and is actually used in a number of products you probably currently are buying. We dentists love Xylitol because of the amazing dental benefits that it offers - it helps reduce the development of cavities, reduces plaque formation, helps saliva production which can aid in the repair of damaged tooth enamel, etc. etc.! Not only do we love it for its dental benefits, but Xylitol also has 1/3 fewer calories than sugar and is recommended as an effective sugar substitute for families challenged by diabetes. With all of these benefits, consider offering your children Xylitol gum, hard candy, lollipops or even caramels. Check out Whole Foods or www.drjohns.com to find some of these treats.